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July 10, 2009

VA Offers Infected Vets Minimal Medical Care

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Seems that other Veteran advocates share our concerns, as we wrote yesterday, <a href =”…ected-veterans/ “>The remaining question is all the associated costs caused by the infection and stress related illnesses to the veteran and his family.</a>

<a href= “”>AP writer Bill Poovey published in the Miami Herald</a>,
National Organization of Veterans’ Advocates President Richard Cohen said the VA pledge of no-cost medical care – included in a letter received Wednesday by a Tennessee congressman – promises nothing “that the VA wouldn’t do if these veterans were not subjected to unsanitary devices.”</a> He goes on to say “They are not giving them anything there.” “The issue down the line in the case of somebody who has contracted hepatitis C or HIV or something else, the question is are they going to make these folks jump through hurdles in order to get” benefits or compensation?

“Somebody who receives negligent medical treatment and ends up with permanent disability is entitled to benefits.”

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